No Compromise Research Policy
our "No Compromise" research policy

Walk! guide books are backed by DWG’s ‘No Compromise’ research policy. Routes are walked, and re-walked, until we are confident we have the best, fully detailed, walk description possible. Frequent timings are included so that you can judge your progress against the author. Compass directions compliment our route descriptions, while GPS Waypoints provide pin-point navigational accuracy for GPS users. GPS Tracks and Waypoints for each route are input into DWG’s Ground Survey system so that we can show you exactly where our walking routes go, a major data source for our Tour & Trail Map designs.
We record our impressions while researching a route so that our descriptions will be fresh and vital; no second-hand reports for us, only up front and real will suffice, resulting in walk descriptions that are accurate, honest and inspirational.

When all of our routes have been researched to our ‘No Compromise’ standards we start to design the Walk! guide book. Essential, and interesting, information that will assist walkers is included. Sections of the Tour & Trail Map are prepared to go alongside the walk description they illustrate; or we license in the latest mapping from national agencies. Photographs, taken ‘en-route’, are selected to illustrate and inspire the user. GPS Waypoints are checked and re-checked; a tiresome business proof reading all those numbers but essential for pin-point accuracy, and then compiled into lists corresponding to each route description. Each route is summarized for Effort, Time, Distance, Ascents/Descents, Refreshment opportunities, and Vertigo Risk if relevant. Introductions are written, additional useful information such as bus timetables, accommodation information, ferry times added. Regional walks locator maps are prepared. Then we compile all of this into our 210mm by 120mm page layouts. Finally we prepare a comprehensive index for the book; another tiresome and tiring exercise but an essential part of our ‘No Compromise’ policy.

The result is an attractive guide book that feels good in the hand, and will fit modern cargo shorts pockets. Walk! guide books are a little bigger than some, and chunkier than most; not too heavy but reassuringly weighty as they contain all the information a walker needs. Our ‘No Compromise’ research policy means we give you everything you need to explore confidently in these exciting landscapes. Mountains and ravines do not compromise, and nor should you. Walk! guide books are not the smallest or the cheapest guides available, but our ‘No Compromise’ research policy means exactly what it says, ‘No Compromise’ meaning we set the highest standards to bring you the best walking guide book possible. Would you risk your walking holiday, or your safety, by compromising to save a pound or two?

Charles Davis joined us in 2002, while our UK Team of Clarke Rogerson, John & Judi Johnson, Frank Westcott, Bob Greaves, Martin Simons, Alan & Kate Hobbs, David & Carol Hitt, and Vivienne Crow joined in 2004/5. Shirley Whitehead joined our 'family' in 2006, along with husband Mike in 2008 for our Madeira research programme. Add in Steve Williams in 2008 with his excellent National 3 Peaks - Taking Up The Challenge book, along with Simon Rees unique approach to children's adventure educational outing in his Wild About London's Parks and you will see that we have quite a team in place for our new 2009 titles.
All of our researcher/writers have rigorously applied our 'No Compromise' technique to the production of their
Walk! guide books for:-

South Pennines, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District, Brecon Beacons, South Downs, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Lake District North
Lake District South, Dorset, Isle of Wight, Devon, Andorra, Axarquia, Brittany, Mallorca, La Gomera, La Palma.

National 3 Peaks - Taking Up The Challenge, Wild About London's Parks
While we, David & Ros, are very proud of our own Lanzarote, Madeira, Menorca, Sierra de Aracena, Tenerife Walk! books. 

Buy the best and be confident that your Walk! guide book is backed by DWG’s
‘No Compromise’ research policy.

Walk! La Gomera Walk! the Alpujarras Walk! Madeira Walk! Tenerife
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