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Gran Canaria - Island of Canyons new 5th Edition Tour & Trail Map
December 2018 sees us releasing the 5th Edition Gran Canaria of our Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map.
Thanks to 'Rambling Roger', Isabelle and Dane continuing their research to produce 100s, 1,000s, of updates including the expanding 'official hiking' route network we can now bring you
our 5th edition Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map isbn 9781782750512

Super-Durable Map - 2 Year Guarantee
Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Custom Map digital edition for Garmin users
We are working with 'Rambling Roger' whose extensive hiking experience on Gran Canaria since becoming an island resident is proving invaluable.
Check out Roger's Gran Canaria walking guide books and his hiking services at http://www.ramblingroger.com/
Roger and his mountain hiking mates Isabelle and Dane, all equipped with mapping gps units, have been invaluable in surveying the walking trails and advising on the map design so that we can confidently say this is the most detailed map of Gran Canaria that is available.

 Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map covers the whole island at 50,000 scale
in a double sided map sheet of North and South with a generous overlap common to both North and South map sheets.

For the best adventures, use the best map.
Gran Canaria is a large island of dramatic landscapes. Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map (50k scale) is a large 960mm by 700mm double sided map sheet which folds to its 235mm by 120mm pocket size. A special concertina map fold makes the map easy to unfold and refold in use.
Super-Durable means water-proof and tear-proof, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth if your map gets dirty. This map has a "2 Year Guarantee" covering adventurous use.

Gran Canaria North is on one side with South on the reverse side, while a generous common overlap minimises your map turning.

Now in its 5th edition Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map, 50k scale, is the result of DWG partnering 'Rambling Roger' and two of Roger's hiking mates, Isabelle and Dane, surveying Gran Canaria in detail to produce this map.
20 metre and 100 metre contours combined with altitude shading bring these impressive landscapes to life.
All of the legendary Tour & Trail attention to detail is included so that you will find those petrol stations, mirador viewpoints with parking, refreshment stops with parking and accurate road numbering that are so essential when adventuring by hire car.

'Off-Tarmac' Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Map is in a league of its own thanks to all the hiking trails and dirt tracks surveyed by Roger, Isabelle and Dane.
Rambling Roger's walking trails from his two latest (2018) guide books are highlighted in red making this map and Roger's books perfect for your walking adventures.
We have also checked the walking routes from `Landscapes of Gran Canaria' and `Rother Gran Canaria' so whichever guide book you use this is your first choice map for your adventures.

While Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map will give years of adventurous use all the materials used in its production are fully recycleable.
Quite simply, this is the toughest, most useable map of Gran Canaria for all your hiking, biking, car touring adventures.
A digital Custom Map edition of Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Map is available from Discovery Walking Guides for GBP5.99, or as a free download for buyers of the printed map.
Viewranger also has the digital edition available for its popular gps app.

Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Custom Map digital edition for Garmin users
Digital edition is available for 3G/4G gps apps from Viewranger, see their website for details

Tour & Trail Super-Durable Maps are printed on Polyart using 100% oxygenation inks which produces a lightweight map that feels like silk while being both water-proof and incredibly tough so that after even the toughest of adventures your Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map will fold up like new. Polyart is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is therefore 100% recyclable in category 2 HDPE.  Super-Durable Map - 2 Year Guarantee
For more information see the Polyart website at http://www.polyart.com/en

Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map isbn 9781782750420 ₤8.99 is available from


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