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Costa Blanca Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map  

Thanks to all the walking research carried out by Charles Davis for his new Walk! the Costa Blanca Mountains guide book plus gps ground surveys carried out by David & Ros Brawn we have been able to a new Costa Blanca Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map. This new Costa Blanca Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map is the essential purchase for everyone looking to explore the exciting mountainous hinterland on the Costa Blanca. Whether you are exploring on foot, bike or horse this is your first choice map for accurate navigation on roads and as soon as you leave the tarmac.

Scale 1:40,000 2.5cms = 1km. Map size; double-sided 780mm by 600mm folded to 21cm by 12cm. Roads; Motorway, major roads, secondary roads, minor roads & tarmacked lanes including latest road numbering system.   Tracks & Trails; Unsurfaced (dirt) roads and walking trails. Heights; 100 & 20 metre contours, height & trig points in metres, height background colours in 200 metre colour bands. UTM 1km Grid with WGS84 Datum.   Published Walking Routes; 'red dashed line' walking routes 'tracked' onto the map from the new Walk! the Costa Blanca Mountains. Costa Blanca Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map is printed on Polyart using 100% oxygenation inks by the UK's leading map printer so as to produce a map that is light but will withstand water and the harshest of weather to give years of service under the toughest of conditions. Still not convinced? Just ask anyone who has used a DWG Super-Durable Map, they'll soon tell you the advantages.

For adventurers on foot Tour & Trail Maps are researched and designed by hikers for use by hikers. Our comprehensive gps ground surveys produce the best road mapping available but the true value of this on the ground research becomes even more important when you leave the tarmac.
All of our DWG walking routes are accurately gps surveyed giving you confidence in the accuracy of our Tour & Trail Maps. Costa Blanca Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map includes all the walking routes from Walk! the Costa Blanca Mountains.

Tour & Trail Maps are produced in Super-Durable editions. We recommend everybody to obtain our Super-Durable editions printed with 100% oxygenation inks on Polyart by the UK's leading map printer, which produces a map that feels like silk but will stand up to the roughest treatment of outdoor adventuring and yet fold up like new at the end of your adventure. Super-Durable editions are 50% more expensive than Paper editions, but represent better value. Quite simply Costa Blanca Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map is the most detailed, accurate, toughest, large scale map of this exciting region that you can buy.

'Specialist Concertina map fold' makes Tour & Trail Maps easy to use, and more importantly easy to fold back to their handy pocket size.

Whichever walking guide book you use, our Costa Blanca Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map is the map you should choose for adventuring in this most exciting of destinations.

Recent Review - Erik Brockdorff Costa Blanca Mountains Tour & Trail Custom Map review 

Over the last month my walking customers have been testing the Discoverywalking sheet map and downloadable basemaps on the eTrek Garmin 20 GPS for the treks and walking holidays we organise in the Costa Blanca Mountains.
The sheet maps are useful, although the 1:40,000 scale in the Spanish countryside is at the limit for precise navigating, the roads on the map translate as 55 metres wide on the ground – easily enough to get misplaced for a while. Some of what appear as roads are overgrown dirt tracks that are now footpaths, you can still get through but it can be a bit confusing so if you want to go off the marked routes you will need to be patient.
The marking of existing official routes and recommended routes is very good, there are some minor omissions and in one case replicating an error found on the local 1:20,000 topo. Not perfect but a very good approximation and an improvement on the local maps. The problem here is still the abysmal way marking of routes on the ground.
The area covered is quite extensive, although some of my routes fall outside the eastern margin of the coverage.
The basemaps for the Garmin GPS are very good, and they are now installed on all my Garmins. The image is very clear, much better than my own 1:25,000 basemaps that blur on zooming in.
The maps load relatively quickly on start-up and as you are walking the change from one tile to another is very smooth, in fact it is barely perceptible.
All in all a great improvement for those of us who have been struggling with Spanish maps for years, My only reservation is the 1:40,000 scale, I would love it if you would considering publishing 1:20,000 or 1:25,000 maps as a future upgrade.

Costa Blanca Mountains Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map ISBN 9781904946847 8.99 .  
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