Rhodes Tour and Trail Map Compendium edition

Rhodes Tour & Trail Map - Compendium edition
Upgraded digital editions for Compendium users available as in-app purchase for Outdooractive and Locus Map app users
 DWG offer digital editions in kmz (Garmin), sqlite.db (app users), Oziexplorer choice of formats for digital users  

isbn 978-1782750-796  10.99        

 2022 sees the launch of our Compendium editions of Tour and Trail Maps
For your best adventures, use the best map. Water-proof, split-proof, tear-proof. Rhodes Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map is simply the toughest, most accurate, easy to read, easy to use map that you can buy at any price.
A large 960mm by 700mm double sided map sheet covers Rhodes at 1:50,000 scale and includes Chalki and Symi islets.
On the cover side is Rhodes South with Chalki and Symi, with Rhodes North and street plans of Rhodes Town on the reverse.
We have two street plans of the capital town. Rhodes Town greater area is at 12k scale, including Acropolis in the west and spanning beyond Rodini park in the south. The other street plan shows the fortified Old Town in great detail at 5k scale.

DWG's special concertina map fold makes our map easy to open and easy to refold to its 233mm by 120mm pocket size.
Our legendary 'Tour & Trail' level of detail ranges from major roads to secondary roads to minor roads to streets and narrow country roads, plus dirt roads, tracks and walking trails. Place names are in English and Greek to aid your navigation.
Altitude shading is designed to clearly show the altitude range when travelling across the island by car or on foot. 20 metre and 100 metre contours combined with altitude shading bring this beautiful landscape to life. There are plenty of individual height points and all of the official 'Trig' points are on the map.
Tour & Trail attention to detail includes our useful symbol range including viewpoints, picnic areas, petrol stations, bar/restaurants and parking areas where you can pull off the road safely. You will easily identify springs, caves, sports grounds, cemeteries, monasteries, churches, chapels, lighthouses, castles, camping areas, wind turbines, windmills, hotels etc.

Rhodes Compendium of Walking Adventures walking routes (all 98 walking routes) are specially highlighted on the map.

It all adds up to the most detailed, most durable map of Rhodes, Chalki and Symi that you can buy anywhere. 'Super-Durable' means a waterproof, tear-proof, map that can take the roughest treatment and still folds up like new after your adventures. Super-Durable Maps come with a 2 year adventurous use 'Wear and Tear' guarantee.

isbn 978-1782750-796  10.99        

Rhodes Tour & Trail Map - Compendium edition 5.99 from DWG
If you are a Garmin user then our kmz Garmin Custom Map file format is your choice for use in Garmin Basecamp, in your gps and in Google Earth. Check that your Garmin will accept Custom Maps before purchasing. 
Quite a few gps apps use the sqlite.db digital map format. If your app uses the sqlite.db format and allows you to import maps then choose the sqlite.db option.
If you use Oziexplorer software we produce a map image as an 8bit colour png image and map calibration files that you can use directly with Oziexplorer including conversion for the Oziexplorer Android app.
Rhodes is a large island so our digital maps use the same layout as our printed Tour & Trail Map with seperate North and South map sheets; unzip your map purchase before trying to use the maps.

Check our email Digital Purchase system before ordering
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As many isp email services have high security measures these hyperlink emails are often rejected or placed in your Spam folder.
Our email is sent to the email address linked to your PayPal account; the email cannot be sent to any other address.
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Garmin Custom Map



sqlite.db format digital map


Oziexplorer png image + click 2022 Rhodes Calibration Files.zip for your calibration files



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