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GPS-The Easy Way
4.99 ISBN 1904946224 80 pages
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Since 2003 thousands of UK walkers have enjoyed learning gps navigation through using this little book, then in 2006 David updated Britain's favourite gps manual for its 2nd Edition.
OS maps are used for the practical examples that will take you from 'novice' to 'GPS Accomplished' and on to 'GPS Advanced Use'; the first book explaining GPS in UK terms and using your local maps.
even Ordnance Survey were impressed by 'GPS-The Easy Way'.

"A Compass points North" but

"A GPS tells you where you are, where you have been, and can show you where you want to go."

If you are wondering what GPS is, or thinking of buying a GPS, or perhaps you have a GPS but are unsure how to use it, then download 'GPS-The Easy Way'
We've nothing against traditional 'Map & Compass' navigation but just as the Mobile Phone has supplemented fixed phones so GPS is replacing 'Map & Compass' navigation.
You don't need a GPS to enjoy DWG's detailed walk descriptions, but you will find that the GPS Waypoints included in our
Walk! books can be very helpful for navigating the route.
Ask not "What is GPS?" Ask "What can GPS do for me?"

"Thoughts on Buying a GPS Unit". November 2010
The thoughts of David Brawn and John Thorn that might help you decide if you need a gps, if so what type of gps,
David & John's thoughts on what you might buy along with the latest developments on mapping gps units and smart phones.
Quick Guide to 'Choosing and Using a GPS' our online guide which you will find useful

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