Email Enquiries about DWG Books & Maps

If you are unsure about whether a DWG book or map is suitable for your needs you can email us. Also if you have ideas of how we could improve our books and maps, or of new regions where you would like us to produce walking guide books and maps, we will be very pleased to hear from you.
To try and avoid website crawler programs that detect email addresses, and then spam those addresses, this is a false email address and any emails sent to this address are returned to sender without being opened.
To email us with advice or an enquiry remove the spaces from this address
ask.discovery @
and we will try to answer your email as soon as possible. We pick up and answer emails on a regular basis except when completely out of contact.
Please note that due to virus infected attachments we can only accept Plain-Text emails. All attachments will be deleted. If you wish to send us pictures, map sections, or anything that cannot be covered by a Plain-Text email then ask us first before sending it.

Please note that we are frequently away researching new destinations so please allow time for us to return and go through our mail.

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