Fuerteventura Walking Tour and Trail Map Compendium edition

Fuerteventura Tour & Trail Map - Compendium edition replaces Custom Map
Upgraded digital editions for Compendium users
 available as in-app purchase for Outdooractive and Locus Map app users
 kmz (Garmin), sqlite.db (app users), Oziexplorer choice of formats for digital users  

 2022 sees the launch of our Compendium of Walking Adventures
A whole Compendium of 111 Walking Adventures on the island of Fuerteventura

I have taken the Fuerteventura Tour & Trail Map for upgrading to its Compendium edition that is directly compatible with our Fuerteventura Compendium of Walking Adventures
First was the checking that all 111 Adventures were correctly shown in the map design by detailed checking of each Adventure's curated gps record had been correctly represented including the drawing of new tracks and trails for several Compendium Adventures.
I took the island's Gran Recorrido 131 hiking route and divided it into 6 day walk sections. Each section is then highlighted in red and labeled in red. These Adventures are numbered 106 to 111 inclusive.
The remaining 105 Adventures roads, tracks and trails were highlighted in green. The Adventures are then numbered from NorthEast 001 Isla de Lobos going South and West across the island to Puertito where 105 heads from the SW corner towards Morro Jable. 

Fuerteventura Compendium of Walking Adventures can be used with any phone/tablet gps app but is best used with our Fuerteventura Tour & Trail Map - Compendium edition with all 111 Adventures highlighted.
If you use Outdooractive or Locus Map apps then the easiest option is the in-app purchase.
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Fuerteventura Tour & Trail Map - Compendium edition 5.99 from DWG
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If you use Oziexplorer software we produce a map image as an 8bit png image and map calibration file that you can use directly with Oziexplorer including conversion for the Oziexplorer Android app.

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sqlite.db format digital map

Oziexplorer png image + click 2022 Fuerteventura Map Calibration Files.zip for your calibration files


see Amelia Bolger's  3 Stunning Walks in Fuerteventura on Youtube

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