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Wainright's Classic Coast to Coast with David Brawn          

On  a fortnight's adventure with my mates Keith and Nigel from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay (July 2012) I talked to loads of C2Cers subtly asking what would make the route better.
What everyone wanted was accurate navigation along the route, especially if it included 'real time' mapping.

There are loads of guide books about the Coast to Coast so rather than adding another book I have produced what every C2Cer wants:-
A system of accurate navigation for the whole route using 'real time' mapping on a Garmin gps or Viewranger phone app.

The result is a Stage by Stage guide, with alternatives, that gives you a real time mapping gps unit showing exactly where you are on the route along with the walking instructions that will ensure that you stay on the correct route.

On your Garmin, or Viewranger app, you will be on the right track every step of the way for all of the 198.5 miles (320km) from St Bees until you arrive at The Bay Hotel in Robin Hood's Bay; where you will find the Wainright Bar with its C2C 'sign in' book.

Coast to Coast Adventure Package is the complete navigation set for Garmin mapping gps units comprising 'OSlike' 25k scale Customs Maps, gpx waypoint files for each stage and alternatives, 'The Book' of 55 A4 pages with maps showing the routes and waypoints plus navigation directions.
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Walk! the Coast to Coast is the package of 21 Viewranger Premium Routes covering the Wainright Classic route plus alternatives. Each Premium Route is available to purchase and download from Viewranger. Coast to Coast mapping is also available to purchase and download from Viewranger.
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