Super-Durable Map guarantee

Super-Durable Map - 2 Year Guarantee

When we first started printing Super-Durable Maps we wondered if these more expensive versions of our Tour & Trail Maps would be popular with users. Now, with well over 100,000 Super-Durable Maps in use the answer is a resounding YES. Everyone loves these lightweight, silk like feel maps that shrug off the toughest of adventures to fold up again like new. Our special 'Concertina' map fold means that these maps are easy to unfold, and easy to refold, making Super-Durable Maps easy to use.

In the years of producing Super-Durable Maps we have only heard of 2 map failures - one was sprayed with a solvent by an over enthusiastic Mallorca hotel worker, the other was tucked into the waistband of a Lanzarote long distance runner to suffer from excessive rubbing combined with a lot of human sweat. Just 2 out of over 100,000 shows that Super-Durable Maps are 99.998% reliable during adventurous use.

Discovery Walking Guides are now officially guaranteeing Super-Durable Maps for a minimum of 2 years adventurous use. In the very unlikely event that your Super-Durable Map should fail within 2 years of purchase DWG will immediately replace your Super-Durable Map provided you have followed our 'Super-Durable Conditions of Use'.

'Super-Durable Conditions of Use' DWG warrants that Super-Durable Maps may be used for assisting outdoor navigation in all reasonable conditions. This use includes unfolding and refolding of the map, and folding the map to a non-standard shape, eg for an A4 map case, provided no pressure is applied to the non-standard fold lines. Outdoor use includes all activities which constitute 'normal outdoor use' plus using the Super-Durable Map to shelter from rainfall up to storm conditions - Super-Durable maps have been tested and found to resist water up to hose pipe pressures and be undamaged by heavy falls of custard.
Super-Durable Maps may be cleaned using water and a soft cloth. Lay your map out flat and gently wipe clean with a damp cloth. Allow your map to dry completely before refolding.
When not in use your Super-Durable Map should be folded and placed out of direct sunlight.

Unacceptable Uses which will void the Super-Durable 2 Year Guarantee:-
Use of any cleaner, solvent or corrosive liquid on the map including human sweat.
Applying pressure, vibration, rubbing, scuffing, stretching of the map.
Any attempt to deliberately damage the map.

In the very unlikely event of your Super-Durable Map becoming damaged within the 'Super-Durable Conditions of Use'
return your map with its proof of purchase and your name and address to
Discovery Walking Guides. 10 Tennyson Close. Northampton NN5 7HJ. England. UK.