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35 Tenerife Walks & Tenerife Walkers' Maps comments by Ken K

Ken was one of the first to buy copies of 35 Tenerife Walks and Tenerife Walkers Maps when they were published in March 2003. Ken is also a GPS owner and asked us about the Personal Navigator Files (PNFs) which were in development for 35 Tenerife Walks at that time. We supplied Ken with a range of the Tenerife PNFs (GPS track & waypoint logs) for routes he might walk while on the island.
GPS navigation files now available Tenerife - see PNFs

On Saturday 24 May 2003 we received an email from Ken and here is the exact text that he sent us;
"Have just returned from Tenerife and want to thank you for transforming our holiday .It was a "promotional" trip designed to part us with large quantities of cash in exchange for a holiday club timeshare-type thing. We resisted the temptation! We hadn't had the same sort of anticipation for this holiday but then enter DWG, our saviour. The guide book on its own is terrific, very clear and informative (if only we'd read the bit about tweezers before we left) +with the maps terrific value. The PNF files were really useful. On a few occasions when a small path left the main track, my GPS told me straight away that we'd gone too far. Also useful to confirm that you were still on the right track. I walked with the GPS and my wife had the book. We knew when to consult the book when each waypoint came up.
The views on some of the walks were stupendous. We did Fantasia and Wow Spectacular on the same day. Also Coastal Escapism, Roque del Conde, Taucho Tour and Laurel and Hardy with the circuit of the mountain from Saddle Up tagged on. Now that is a view! There is no way that we would have found such wonderful walks without a decent guide book.
I did have to look up "orogenic" in the dictionary. Perhaps we can look forward to a walk called "The orogenous zone" in a future book!"

Now all that applied to '35 Tenerife Walks' and version 1.01 of our PNFs CD; we're now on to the larger full colour 'Walk! Tenerife', 'Tenerife Hiking Map' and version 3.02 PNFs CD.
GPS navigation files now available for Tenerife - see PNFs

Well, there you have it; a real life review by one of the first users of PNFs (see GPS The Easy Way), Walk! Tenerife, and Tenerife Hiking Map.

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