La Palma updates  - do not leave without them - 28 March 2017
Thanks to Patty Mcalpin

Las Coladas de San Juan & Pico Birigoyo - Important updates

Hello David - I should mention that shortly after waypoint 2 on the Las Coladas de San Juan walk there was a notice board informing walkers that the route was temporarily closed, but we decided (either foolishly or bravely - depends on your point of view!) to see how far we could go before encountering the cause and point of closure. As we approached waypoint 6 there was evidence of substantial water erosion with a large channel carved through the trail and I think it was at waypoint 9 where the route was barred - labelled Canal de la Habana. Perusing your map we decided to try and find a route to circumvent the blocked way, eventually succeeding in rejoining the original track some distance further along, and made it to the impressive coladas. However, at the exit from the coladas to our dismay we found the prescribed route back to San Nicolas via Llano de Tamanca was also closed! We decided to follow the SL EP-106 until it met the SL EP-107 and eventually arrived back at San Nicolas just as dusk was approaching! After this fortuitously happy ending we decided not to push our luck again and if any sign said "route closed" it would remain closed to us too!
We applied this principle to the Pico Birigoyo walk and just altered the route to suit ourselves and the circumstances.

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