Fan Mail - makes the ego go round!

It is always pleasing when people take the time and trouble to write to us to complement us on our guides. Your best way of selecting a guide is to talk to someone who has used one. If you don't know someone who has used one of our Walking Guides then here are some comments from the letters we receive; of course you could ask us but then you can probably guess that we think our guides are pretty good! Since I first posted this page we've received so much fan mail thanking us, offering suggestions, sending in updates on walking routes and maps, that in our 'office' it almost has its own filing cabinet.
Many thanks to everybody who has sent us in updates. These go into our Project Destination file boxes to be incorporated into our next Walk! book or Tour & Trail map.

"Hi David & Ros. 
My wife and I have just had a very successful walking week in the Alpujarras ably supported by your map and 34 walks book. The GPS waymarks were invaluable. We are buying a house in the Alpujarras and will be making extensive use of your PNFs. Thanks for putting such useful tools together.
Kind regards Frank & Hilary K "

"Dear Mr & Mrs Brawn
While on holiday in Lanzarote earlier this month, I came across your excellent map of the island in the villa we rented. My wife and I used it for walks because it is the most detailed map of the island that we have found.
Yours sincerely 
Robert S
PS We loved your disclaimer."
That was in Feb 2004 before our all new Lanzarote Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map was published.

"The walks that we've done were most enjoyable and beautiful." D & L P.

"How we wish others could produce such beautifully set out walks." M A S.

"We recently had a holiday in Tenerife where we used your Warm Island Walking Guides. We had a smashing holiday and your maps were greatly appreciated." M B.

"I have just spent a holiday in Northern Mallorca where people were using your Walking Guide. I was impressed with it and would like a copy." R Y.

If you are already convinced that "Warm Island" Walking Guides are pretty good you can return to the Home Page by clicking this sentence. If you are not convinced we will continue with the ego massaging exercise!

"....we found your guide very informative and exactly what we were looking for...." B H.

"I recently spent a week's holiday in Lanzarote. Fortunately we had heard of your guides and had ordered one before leaving Britain. It proved very useful." A M.

"I am delighted with your Lanzarote Walking Guide." J R.

"......keep up the good work!!" R H

"I would like to congratulate you on this publication. Having completed all the walks I would like to say how well researched the text was. The descriptions were clear and precise (unlike many walking guides) and the recommended restaurants were excellent." J W S.

".....had a marvellous holiday in Majorca, thanks to your walking guides." B A.

"I have a copy of your Madeira guide and find it very useful." M G.

"The guide was extremely useful, and during this past 10 days we have enjoyed 'The Forgotten Trail', 'A Degollado to Remember', and 'The Grand Canyons'." D B.

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