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Before we became Discovery Walking Guides Ltd (in 1995; twenty+ years on and we are still excited about every research  trip) we had opened and operated the BookSwop shops (the busiest English bookshops in the Canary Islands) for seven years. In addition to selling a lot of books we acted as an unofficial-advice centre for the more literate visitors to southern Tenerife and our BookSwop Newsletter was much sought after for its straightforward advice. Living and working in Europe's major holiday resort, we have seen almost everything that goes wrong with a holiday. Add to this our own travel experiences researching DWG's series of titles, and we feel reasonably qualified to offer advice on how to get the best out of your holiday.

Most people have 'average holidays' when with a little more thought and research; sometimes spending a little more money; you could have a top-grade holiday experience. Here we have culled a series of Advice Topics from our own experiences and observations which we hope will help you have the holiday you deserve. Of course our first piece of advice would be to spend money on a Walk! guidebook and Tour & Trail Map for one of the destinations in our series of titles, but even if you are not interested in walking we hope you will find our advice useful.

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